Who wants a bushing to convert to 04 specs.

YamahaRichey...you keeping a running total? :):D

Oh yea DD, I count 20 so far. I just hope my machinst buddy gets going on this, he tends to be a bit unorganized. And I also hope Indy got the measuements right. You did didn't you Indy, Right? :)

I did as best I could. I would make one and try it on yours just to be sure. But I got the measurements close and went to the nearest metric standard. I was within a 20 thousands of the standard. I would recommend that you have everyone send you a pre addressed stamped (3-37cent stamps) padded envelope with a five dollar bill for your bushing. This will make it a lot easier on you. I have my own shop that does a few hundred thousand dollars worth of business for me and I always get the "government" jobs done for free. :)

Indy_WR450 and YamahaRichey,

Just a thought on the material for the bushing. When I looked at PBDBlue's 2004 bike the bushing was steel(a magnet stuck to it). The last post that I read on this issue indicated that the thought was to make the bushing out of bronze. Has the machinist that is going to make the bushings made a decision on the appropriate material from which to make the bushing? Just curious. OK, now I'll go back to worrying about solving the problem of world hunger.

Count me in also!


I think Yamaha made it out of steel since they dont use bronze oilite bushings and the starter is used so very little on our bikes. I did note that they put a groove in it for oil to lubricate the shaft in the bushing. It really does not matter which material is used but I would not use steel without an oil groove.


Put me down for one. :)


He's planning on using oil lite bronze with an oil grove, that seems to be the recommended choice.

Right on! That is the best and safest way to go! :):D :D Great Job YamahaRichey! :D :D :D

Methinks I would like to get one also. Thanks! :)

I'll take two...

Please include me in the list for the '04 upgrade bushing! Thanks for your efforts in taking this on, yamaharichey.

I do! I do!


Please add me to your list.. thanks :)

Yamaha Australia has the bushing available as a spare part and it's only about $3AUD dollars <font color="black"> You need to get your dealer to talk to the service dept.

i think the price of the tourque limiter has also been reduced in price

Here's an update on the bushing, the guy said he should have one to test fit by tomorrow, he's not going to cut an oil groove until he makes sure the fit is right. I don't have my parts yet, so if one of you, like Indy WR450 has the parts, how about I mail you the bushing to make sure it fits? then if it does he will start pumping them out.


Send me the bushing and I will take my idler out and press it in to my side case. I will not be able to get it out after I press it in. If it is oversize it will crack my case. I will be carefull and mic the O.D.

I will PM you my address so you can mail to me. :)

Please put me down for a bushing.



Put me on the list! I'm in Baja right now but can have someone bring it down with the parts.. I've been using the kick starter all Winter, I removed the gears cause I didn't want to have a breakdown while I'm in Baja..

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