Who wants a bushing to convert to 04 specs.


Have you been able to find a part number for the 2004 bushing sold in Australia? It would be much easier to go to the dealer with this information in hand, rather than telling the parts guy "They sell this part in Australia, check it out for me".

O.K. here's The latest, I told you this guy was slow, he keeps saying "maybe tomorrow", at least he went and got the oil lite brass, but says he's swamp, and I'am sure I'am on the bottom of his list cause he's doing for just his cost. But I keep calling him every day, so maybe he'll get tired of hearing from me. Also I saw the other post where Yamaha did Eugene's mod. maybe that will set a presidence and they will start doing all of them, but I'am guessing they will omly do the one's that have had a lot of problems.

Hey guys here's the Genuine Yamaha part number for the bushing in the side cover.


Hope this saves you all a few dollars.

I just fitted a new starter clutch, clutch gear ( attached to the flywheel ) and idle gear at Yamahas expence ( and the starter clutch and clutch gear were badly worn where they mate, after 3000klm ) and i paid for the torque limiter, torque limiter cover, washers and bushing at around $250 AUD.


When you put the bushing in the case put the bushing in the freezer first. Heat the cover with a blow dryer. It should drop right in if the clearances are right.

I called my dealer with that part # He said it does say bushing under that number and they are .76 each, I ordered two of them. So maybe we won't need to make them. Also My dealer said he called his service rep and the guy said he had never heard of the problem, now either this guy is a complete idiot and doesn't keep up on his own products or he is just plain lying. Go figure.

I'am bringing this up to front again so you guys that wanted a bushing won't miss it, I told the macainst to hold off on making them until we make sure that part number is for the right bushing, like I said I ordered two of them. So if we can order them for $.76 each no sense making them.


THANK YOU for the part number of the all important case bushing! I ordered mine today, $.61 good guy price. Just a note, the parts guy had to add "- 00" to the part number to find it in the parts computer. :)

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