Bike died, now wierd noises

I was out for a ride today when the bike died as I was coming to a stop and now I can't get it to go again. It makes this wierd noise that I've never heard before when I hit the ignition. It definitely doesn't sound like the starter. Sometimes it will die like this when I go from high revs to a quick stop but it always starts again. Any ideas what this could be? Its an 06 wr450.

Ok so this is the noise it makes:



But I've found I can push start it. I reckon it must be the starter. I'm going to check the connections and see if they are loose but does anyone know a way of determining if it is working? Some kind of resistance check?



Flat battery - that noise is the starter relay clicking

Either put a new battery in her as was said above or check it for 13.5 volts.

Hmm ok, will do! I'll let you know how it goes. Do you think riding it off the kick would get it going?


Could this be linked to installing the Vapor Trailtech? Could it be drawing too much, or maybe the battery was on its way out and this tipped it over the edge?

Either battery is not charging (check by measuring voltage at battery with engine running which should be >14volts), you have something draining the battery, or the battery has reached the end of its life


Anything over 5 years old is suspect

I checked it - it runs 14.7V when the engine is running and 13 something when its not.


Battery doesn't *seem* suspect. What else could it be?

I checked it - it runs 14.7V when the engine is running and 13 something when its not.

Battery doesn't *seem* suspect. What else could it be?

I started a thread similar to this. It was odd to me when this sound happened, I was actually on a ride. I did all the same things as you by checking voltage etc. Battery seemed fine, since I have a few other bikes around I swapped batteries and it started without a problem. So in the end it was a battery issue for me, the old battery seemed to have the charge, but just didn't have the cranking amps left.

It's just something you have to eliminate and it also could be something else.

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how well does the battery hold its charge though

check it after 24hrs to see how much it has lost, by measuring voltage - anything much below 12.7 and its dead


As said above, battery can show good voltage, but have no power when it comes to driving the starter motor (I've had one like this on my road bike - it was 9 years old)

Thanks guys! I let is sit overnight and checked again - 10v.


I've got a new battery to go in and I'm confident that will fix it!


Thanks again!

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