AZ Track Tires

What Tires work well for the MX tracks in Phoenix

From what photos I have seen of the tracks there, it looks like flat track tire would be best!!!!! Seriously, looks like intermediate tires for this time of the year and hard pack tires for the summers.

Send F-Pilot, G-Man or any of the other Az guys a pm. They know first hand.



It all depends. If you ride track only I would recomend the new dunlop 773. If you are going to trail ride I would recomend the dunlop 756/755( i run a 755 on the front and a 756 on the rear). hope I have helped :):D

My personal preferance is the Bridgestone M59 and M70. They work great when the track is soft and still hook up and when it dries out. They also do not chunk knobs as I have had the Dunlops do, even when used off-road in the rocks.

Ernie, I keep a tire grooving tool in my tool box just for those special ocasion's :)

we use Brigestone M77 / M78 for tracks and Dunlop D739 for the trails.

Thinking of trying the new Dunlop D606 for trails, one of the guys on the WR forum got 1500 miles out of one, down in Baja.


Dunlop list the 773 as a "soft" tire for loose loam and sand. Do you race at Canyon with that tire ?


your using intermediate rated tires also, seems that we should use "hard rated" for our tracks.

From what I see soft tires for hard tracks ?

Our tracks are mostly intermediate, soft in the morning and develop a hard baked line or two by afternoon. Canyon seems to be the exception as it might a well be concrete with rocks on it. :)

The longer a tire lasts the worse its performance is.

New/fresh tires are the best modification anyone can make to their bike. I see lots of guys at the races with a new pipe, reeds, etc... but with worn tires.

I just tried a Dunlap 756 (on the advise of this board) and it works great. ALso had good success with a Brigestone M78.


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