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Charging system failing

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whilst trying to fit my rekluse clutch the charging system has failed and I can't run the clutch in,went out to run it in and the bike wouldn't idle or run,battery went flat so loaded up and went home,put battery(lithium-only a few months old) on charge and tried again,wouldn't run and went flat again


took it to a mates house and we pulled the carby off and apart cleaned everything and replaced  the pilot jet with a new one,the fuel screw had moved out past 3 turn so replaced that with a r&d flex screw,reset float height and bolted back in,put the multi meter on the battery and it only had 5v or so


used another battery to jump it and get it going and it tested as being 12v when running but wouldn't rise with revs so charging system is failing somewhere,we put the multi meter on the rectifier and got no readings,manual shows to test the stator plug and we should be getting 29v at 4000rpm and it would only read around 3.5v for each wire tested,didn't have any other equipment to test anything else.with the bike running and holding at 4000rpm you can hear the exhaust note breaking down


are there any common faults that point to what might be wrong before I take it anywhere?



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