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Another overheating thread

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I have a yz426f with an yz450f 06 carb. I rebuilded the carb since it had a vacum leak. Now it got fixed running great with a low idle.

I have pilot jet 48. 165 main. Needle at second clip starting from the bottom.

There is engine ice in the radiators with a catch up tank for the overflow.

Yesterday i drove 5km at high to medium speed and sometimes slow speed. When i came home the catch up tank was full and he started spitting.

The coolant lvl in the radiators i fill just above the fins so not to full i think.

It was raining and 9 degrees celcius outside so i think it may not boil over that quick at such cold temperature.


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I don't care how "properly" it runs, if you go slow enough for long enough in warm weather, it will overheat without fans. Granted that may take some time if everything is perfect, but eventually, it will.

Mine overheats quite easily with a little clutch work out in tight woods.

if everything is running properly should not need either. maybe try a higher pressure radiator cap. good luck!

Simply not true
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agreed, just sayin I don't think you need a fan.

I'll go to any length to extend the life of my engine, and Houston summers are miserable for bikes and humans, so anything I can do to keep my bike cooler will be done. Even if I think it might be overkill it's still worth it IMO. Edited by TX2StrokeMan
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