Another overheating thread

This is what can happen if you over heat it too much mu 06 yz450f had a headgasket problem then this ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1416659925.446268.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1416659951.568721.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1416659967.201674.jpg

So i have my engine open and i took out the 2 camshafts. 1 dint have a half moon in it and is heavely scratched like you can see on the photo. I do not understand it i installed both correctly before and the camshafts where still good in place. Did a half moon break and splinteres in my engine?


The half moons cannot break in use because they never have any load put on them, and if they did break, the pieces couldn't get loose. If you put one in the last time and now are not able to find it, you probably dropped it down the chain tunnel.

Email fastheads

They are verry verry good at head reconditioning and rebuilding

With over 45 years of experience

Quite cheap too

A lot cheaper than the cost of a new head .

A new head assembly with all parts 1300 +

A head reconditioned at fast heads 600/700$

Ok so i will probely find it when i remove my stator. Or can it get to other areas also? But i do not understand how the scratches get there. Ok but when i rebuild something i do it myself :-)

Stator . Oil .clutch ect

Remember it is probably all smashed up .whats the oil like .

And you can send them your head so they can fully repair it with state of the art milling cutting and surfacing equipment and you can buy the parts from them to build it your self

And porting is also an additional 148$

The scratches can be from it either not being properly seated and breaking

Or not being there at all

Remember it's there for a reason to

Keep the cam and cap still

Even though it's bolted down

The amount of force and speed the cams are going without the half moon spacer "things will go wrong ".

.Check the oil

.pull the right side case off

.pull the stator cover and stator off

.check your gears just select them to make sure no jamming occurs

But I doubt it has gotten that far

. The whole thing cannot just

Come out by itself and move around

It either has to be there or not at all

It's quite easy to drop it into the cases and not realise

That's why putting a rag over the cam chain tunnel so nothing can drop down is a good idea .

Another thing what are the cam bearings like ?

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I did put a towel in the opening but there was still a small gap between the camshaft gear. Everything else like buckets and camshafts are still in mint condition! Thats why i do not understand the scratches. This weekend i am gonna pull my stator maybe it fel into the engine like you said because it came off with some force so. Oh on the buckets are litle perfect circles visible from rlly minor scratching

Don't know from what. But like i said before the engine was running really good before i disassembly it.

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