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08 WR250R Battery Dying shutting off while riding.

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Ok, so I have a 2008 Wr250r with a few mods:



1.FMF exhaust and Header

2. FMF Programmer

3. Servo removal with vixi Tec mod

4.AIS Removal

5.Open Airbox


I have been driving the bike and it will at random times just shut off, mainly when I come to a stop. It also sputters when first warming up kind of like bogging. I just down shift then it rips. I try to restart it but after just 3-5 attempts the battery will die and then I will be stranded. Then when I do attempt to start it a buzzing (almost shocking shorting like sound) comes from by the battery. If I put a jumper pack to it, it will start no problem and run for a while until doing the same thing again later.

I can't take it for long rides or even just a 5 minute ride across town cause It ends up dying on me.


Thoughts, bad battery? Fuel Pump? Bad Connection somewhere?


All battery terminals are fastened. Gas is good. I haven't taken it to a dealer yet cause I don't feel like paying a fortune! 

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13V when key and ignition off

12.6 v when key is on bike off

14.2V when bike is on

14.09 when bike is idling over 4k


it dropped to about 10v when engine was cranking but was to sporadic to put an exact number, from these numbers I'm thinking its the battery. any thoughts?

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