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2015 Showa SFF TAC

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Hey guys, just wondering how everyone is enjoying their new suspenders. I had a revalve by Graeme Brough and used the stock air pressure for starters. Im not sure how anyone could ride the bike with the stock PSI as per the manual. It was soooo soft. I was blowing through the stroke in big braking bumps and this was with a stiffer comp stack. Im currently running, 175Inner, 7.5 Outer, and 170 BC. with clickers r and c 10 out. Im 178 pds without gear. and local Canadian pro midpacker. Not nearly as fast as American pros obviously haha. Just wondering if anyone has some interesting setups to try. I know the ratio from Inner to balance chamber is just as important as the actual psi setting. Some mags are running 15 in outer chamber but id like to keep that to 7.5 or less. I know the Suzuki comes stock with 0 in it as well as the Honda. Any info would be awesome. Its a pretty badass setup. It takes 5 mins to check all 3 pressures and bleed the opposite fork so its not really an inconvenience. Overall I think they are quite a bit better than my 2014 PSF. Graeme also did some pretty amazing work to that bike.

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