Please help! WR 400 going in gear but acts like neutral?

A few weeks ago I broke the kick start up inside, on my WR 400. It would kick but the kick start wouldn't spring back up. As soon as I did this I asked my buddy to take a look at it and he kicked it and started it. It was making a racket so he killed the engine. To kill the engine on my bike there isn't a kill switch so he had to put it in gear, hold the brake, and stall it. I took my bike directly from there to a motorcycle mechanic. He fixed the kick start but said the transmission was bad because now when the bike is put in to gear its like it's in neutral. When I dropped it off at the mechanic shop I had to put the bike in neutral to roll it off my truck. It wouldn't roll in gear. Plus like I said my buddy stalled it (in gear) after I broke the kick start so I know it had gears when I dropped it off to get the kick start fixed. I go to pick it up my bike at the shop and all gears are like neutral. I can put it in any gear and without the clutch pulled in the bike will roll. I think the guy has put something back together wrong or something. Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be? Please help!!

Sounds to me like

1) Your bike needs proper care (no offense but...)

2) The mechaic messed up the shift mechanisim when resetting the kicker.



Was it a real shop or 'some guy with pliers'?

* To be honest I have never even rode this bike. I had literally just traded my RM 250 for it the day before I broke the kick start. I know the bike was fine the day before when I traded because I tested it out at the guy's house. I've read online where the WRs are bad for kick start issues and I have never had a big 4 stroke with this amount of compression. I weigh 265 so I guess with the compression and all my weight coming down is what broke it.

* The mechanic was refered by a friend but no it wasn't a yamaha dealer or anything like that. This guy works on bikes in his garage. I figured he knew what he was doing because when I dropped my bike off he had a bunch of other bikes there that he was working on. So other people must trust him to fix their stuff. Leason learned.

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