What would you pay for this?

I know of a Brand New - Never been ridden -  2008 YZ 450F White & Red. It has been stored somewhere in a Yamaha facility.








Same price as a used 2008. Just top dollar ($2,100) of the range. The second you fire it up, it just is a pristine used six year old bike.


One risk with a bike that has been sitting is rut on the breaings due to condensation acquired aftewr sitting around. Bike may run good for an hour until the rust is worn off then the bearings are loose and failure soon follows. A old new bike may not be so new after all.

Which bearings are you talking about?  Crank? Any other bearings?  Thanks.

Which bearings are you talking about?  Crank? Any other bearings?  Thanks.

Most common is the big end of the crank, but it makes little difference. You will not know if they are bad unless they fail or you replace them. They might be fine, they might not.

You could buy another bike with 10 hours on it that had been ridden with the air filter off.

Bottom line here is it is a six year old bike. You'll get what you pay for. Do not over pay just because it looks shiny.

William1 - Thank you!

I would happily give 2500 or even a little more for it. Old yes. Shiny yes but probably not for long- who cares. Great zero hour bike.

This is coming from a guy who is in love with his 09 after some upgrades.

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