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What is the most aggressive knobbies that will fit the 17 inch SM wheels? I am shooting for a 130 to 140 rear tire width.


I am making my own ice tires and need a tire that has a good height on the nobbies so the ice studs get good bite.


I am using these studs.





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Are you looking to ride on ice (only) or trail ride in the winter?

If you are trail riding, get a set of dirt wheels if you can swing it. Good off road tires with studs go a long ways.

For ice, I suggest you use a different setup. Those studs will rip out in a couple hours of riding/racing.

For a good solid ice stud, it needs to be bolted through the tire. I made my own ice tires for my SM.

I drilled a pattern into the stock tires, ran sheet metal screws with big fender washers from the inside out, then put another washer on the outside of the tire. I ran a nylon nut on with red threadlocker. The real trip to this setup is fitting a liner so the screw heads don't puncture the tube.

I had to trim some studs so they didn't hit anything on the bike.

I dropped the gearing to spin those heavy tires.

I've got many hours on this setup with zero issues.

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