Grease Everything...

OK, now that there is lots of snow here in Michigan, I thought I would take the beast apart and lube everything just like it has been recommended for all new bikes (new in Oct 01).

Just what constitutes "everything"? I don't mind taking lots of things off, just as long as I don't need a professional mechanic to put it back together.

I am pretty handy with the tools and as long as its in the manual how to put it back together I'm OK.

Whats your collective advice? Any must do items?


I did the steering head and swing arm. The lower bearings in the steering head did not have much grease on them. I greased the wheel bearings too.

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I'm in the process of doing that right now. My bike is in many many pieces. The steering stem bearings needed it bad, and the bottom bearing on the shock was pretty much toast. Other than that, everything was ok. This is after riding all last season (but I did all this before I started riding last year).

Winter sucks, huh? I need to move to arizona.

I have just completed the MAJOR reconstruction of my bike this last week.

I had it in a virtual scrap heap on the bench and the only thing left was a frame/motor/front wheel on a stand.

Pretty amazing how many thing you can take apart to clean and grease on these things! :D

I did the steering head while I was at it.

Virtually everything on the rear end got the grease treatment.

wheel bearings

all the suspen linkage


My advice is to take the rear end apart and pull all of that CRAP :) that Yamaha calls lubrication completely OUT!

pull all of the needles out into a dish and scrap the POLYcrap

rub a thin coat of grease around and reinstall the needles.(do one bearing at a time)

good luck

don't come up with 1 too many bolts!!!!LOL :D


I've heard from others that you should leave the POLYcrap in the bearing as it will wear off over time. Not sure what the correct answer is though... other opinions???

I left my POLYcrap in and the only downside was that you really had to work the bearings to ensure that they would spin so you could apply grease to the entire bearing.


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