2011 YZ450 Flame out continues

I have a 2011 YZ450F, I use in hare scrambles, that after the following mods: (Injectioneering TB, Rekluse 3.0, New injector, Idled up, adjusted/tested TPS, GYTR woods map),  STILL flames out. The worst time it does it is on uphills. What confuses me is... I ran two races without any issues (after these changes to correct the problem). Yet this last race the bike flamed out 5 times. Including one at idle while fueling at a pit stop. What have I missed??? Im lost on what else I can change to make this problem disappear. I've taken it to a Yamaha dealership with ZERO success. The bike has about 40hrs on it. I change fluids regularly. Valves are in spec. Air filter is cleaned every ride. I called wade at Injectioneering and he wasnt sure what would fix it.


Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. 



My buddy has the exact same bike with 35 hours on it and it stalled on him a few times out of the blue. Turned out it was the kill switch. At one point he could'nt get the bike started so he disconnected it and it fired right up. He replaced it and the problem is gone. Bad fuel pumps do funny things too. Good luck!!!

It could be overheating, mine only seems to do it in slow technical stuff.

Change spark plug & try stock map.

Wade needs to fix their problem...

Wade needs to fix their problem...

not to steal the thread but curious what problem your talking about besides the one the op has. I'm curious because I just had the injectioneering mod over all I love it I have noticed the bike is real stubborn to start unless you crack the throttle then it fires right up it could be just a coincidence but it seemed to start doing that after the mod or maybe this points to a different issue like valves out of spec. If you have more info about some of the issues with this mod is might help the op and shed some light on my problem.

I can see a noticeable performance increase since the mod. I absolutely love how smooth the hit is now. It also starts with one kick (unless it flames out. Then it takes around 5). I did the injectioneering mod to try and rid my flame out issue. Unfortunately the problem continues. I think the TB was done correctly and has served its purpose. I just have to figure out what's making it flame out. Its only on the low end of the throttle. Last time I took the intake off I could see char marks around the ports in the intake where this issue occurs. Spark plug is new. All I have left to try that I can think of is mapping.

Sorry, but it's inherent in the design. I had an '11 and a '12 and they both did that at the most inoppurtune times. Went back to a 2 smoke for hare scrambles even though I liked the 450 better in nearly all other aspects. Good luck to you.

I sold it and bought a two smoker. Problem solved.

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