XR600 Exhaust

I have a 94 XR600 with a Supertrapp "racing" exhaust. I used to ride all the time in the California desert like Mohave and Barstow areas. I have never even seen a ranger. I haven't been riding for at least a few years now. One of my friends got a bike so I am getting back into it and I started reading on the internet and I am seeing all this stuff about noise regulations being enforced. Like I said when I used to go I don't think I ever saw a ranger once. Are they really cracking down on this stuff now? I think my friend might want to go to some other places besides out in the middle of the desert. I am almost positive that my exhaust is not under 101 db (i think that is my limit.) What is a good exaust for my bike that will pass the sound standards? After a little shopping I saw the FMF Q series and a Pro Circuit Type 496. I didn't really feel like spending about $300 right off the bat to get back into riding though.

I ride Gorman and the desert. I've never seen any ranger checking sound levels in the desert or Gorman. I've requested a sound check at Gorman which I failed but wasn't issued a ticket.

I've been checked for a Green Sticker at Cal City last year but haven't seen anyone out there checking this year.

I've conformed to the new level but have yet to be checked.

How about a stock muffler with either a Baja Designs or Thumper Racing baffle??? Your choices for a quiet muffler that meets Cal sound requirements are pretty limited to what you have mentioned as far as I know :).

I just ordered several things from Baja Designs. They don't make a baffle for the XR600 and they are all out of the Thumper Racing baffle. I called Thumper Racing and they said they don't produce them anymore and sold out to Baja Designs. Baja Designs did say they plan on making one in the future.

I am not sure of what your noise requirements are, but I orderder the White Brothers Vortip baffle for the stock exhaust. It is supposed to be pretty quiet and very similiar to the Thumper Racing baffle. I ordered the Vortip from this site.

This should be a link to the catalog description:


Thanks but as I said I have a Supertrapp exaust and threw out the stock exaust 3 days after I got the bike in 1994. That thing was rediculously huge and heavy. If it would have come with an exhaust like the XR400 I would have left well enough alone but I didn't want to carry that huge thing around. Does anyone have any experience on the enforcement side of things in California besides the one response above? Where can I go or not go with my loud exhaust and probably not get a ticket. The response above says I can still go out in the middle of the desert but what about like Glamis, Pismo, Anza Borego, places not so remote. Anybody have any experience with the man at these places.

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