WR426 Alum sub-frame question

Is it common for the side panels to wear grooves in the subframe? I just received the subframe I bought from a guy on E-bay and there is a groove worn ~1/2 thru the tube wall just above the chain roller. I have a '99 w/steel subframe so it's not really an issue. If it is a common problem I won't bust the guys chops because he described it as 'great' condition but I'm sorry a groove like this that has to weld repaired is a far cry from great in my world. And, no I did not get a smokin' deal so having to pay to have it welded doesn't make me happy....


Yes it happens to all bikes with the aluminum subframes you need to fix it and, I cover it with number plate back ground for that not to happen you have got to stay out off the mudd and sand.

The alum subframe on my '90 KX500 doesn't have any grooves worn in it.... It does have the normal wear/tear associate with boots but not something like this. I didn't know if it was a common problem on the alum subframe equipped YZ/WRs.


I will take a look at mine. I have never noticed it before.

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