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Throttle stuck wide open for ten seconds. Permanent damage?

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So im riding my 85 husky cr500 today, im lugging up a rocky hill, front wheel hits a rock, kicks to the left, then hits another rock, kicks to the right, u get the picture. Anyways, bike falls and the throttle is open at this point so when it hits the ground the throttle remains open and redlines for like ten seconds maybe less, as i frantically try and stop it. Once i got it to stop, i waited a sec and rollstarted down the hill and she ran fine for the next 30 min of riding till dark. I searched online and all i could find were scenarios where the throttle randomly went wide open. But since of my dirtbike ocd, my question is: is dumping the bike and having the throttle get stuck open for a few seconds gonna cause permanent damage to the motor? Like i said im ocd and wanna make sure i didnt screw anything up. Thanks for reading

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