Cheap 426's?

I know many of you have ordered your 426's out of state and had it shipped to you, or gotten a good deal at your local dealer. I was wondering, where you guys got it, how much (and shiping costs) and where they are located. I am finally getting one after 1 and 1/2 years of waiting and saving and want to buy a 2002 out of state and have it shipped to me. Also, if they have a web site, id greatly appreciate the link. See yall later.


(P.S.- I live in Texas)

I bought mine last June, from Aleks Powersports in Pennsylvania. They took care of everything (financing, shipping), and I had it within a week. I was able to beat what my local dealers were charging by about $1k Try or 814 833-3861.

I'm sure others will post some leads as well.

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Matt - there was a thread on one of the boards recently (past month) discussing good prices on bikes. I think it is Paul in Az that imports Canadian bikes and drop ships them to a terminal.

There are several very satisfied customers of his here.

He has a web site but I couldn't find it just now.

I will keep looking for you. I remember checking out his web site and was very impressed with the professionalism AND prices...

Good luck,

Steve T

I am located in the Vancouver Canada area and can put you in touch with a friend of mine that sells bikes if you like. You can get an idea of prices anyway. Just message me and let me know.

02 426f bought with an hours riding time for 6000 canadian. Gotta love it.

'02 426's are going for $5200 out the door here.

I got my 01' 426 in Burlington NC and paid $5595 out the door. They took care of financing etc. But damn if I had of known I could have gone to Kentucky and paid $5,200 out the door then I would have made the drive. Oh well!! I am definitely pleased with what I got. Best bike available by far!! Most dealers if you buy out of state won't charge you sales tax which is a big plus! Good luck! The price in KY is probably the best I have heard of yet! Frank

You guys who live in any place other than the Golden State of California are soooo lucky. I could buy a bike and have it shipped in for less than what I currently pay for mine. The problem is that when I go to the Dept of Motor Vehs to get my green/red sticker, they will bang me for sales tax. I would end up paying the same whether I buy here or out of state.

If California didn't pay such good wages nobody would live here.......myself included.



I got my 01 426 at a new dealership in Jasper Tennessee.

I know he currently has a least 2 2002 YZ426Fs in stock and sitting on the floor.

He opened his dealership last March and as far as I know has not shipped a unit yet. I'm sure he would ship a 426 if you asked him.

I don't know if he could do this, but...

He might also still have one in a shipping crate. If you could get him to send you one of those, you would most likely get it cheaper, although you would have to pay a local dealer to service it if you didn't want to do it yourself.

His website is but I'm still working on it so there's not much info on it yet.

If you want his phone number, send me a private message.

Good Luck

Matt406, check your private messages...

The reason Matt wants a 426 still in the crate is: he wants to be the one to break the engine in. Many dealerships dont care about breaking the bike in correctly (you can tell this by looking at the rear tire LOL) and he is very meticulous about his bikes! Also getting a bike out of state will be cheaper, because in south TX the prices of bikes are MSRP + TTL (so around $6100-$6500) since we can ride all year round. Matt will be getting a YZ by the end of April! Later,


Like I said $4795 in Minnesota

Larsons cycle in Cambridge.

Ill get the ph # if you want.


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