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Where can I find the rubber mounts / bushings for mounting the tank?

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Hello all,


I recently had the tank off of my bike and misplaced the two rubber bushings that the rear of the tank uses to mount to the frame. I have searched hi and low, but cannot find them for the life of me. 


Can anyone tell me where to get them at or have an old set that they will sell me? If not, what did you all come up with to replace them with that works (thinking the shop will charge me a crazy amount for them)?


Thanks for your time. 



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Wow, that was fast. I appreciate the reply. I'll try the hardware store first, but will probably end up at the dealership. 


Did you happen to notice the price of the whole tank? $735! Holy smokes!

LOL,  makes you think,  if you put together a DRZ from all new OEM parts,  the bike would cost over 100 grand,  lol 

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