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DR650 project. What's it worth?

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Hey all.

I've been looking around at a few dual sports (DRZ, DR and KLR) I have been planning to pick up a bike in the spring. However I found a good deal on CL for a 2002 or 2003 DR650.

It's definitely a project bike.

What I know.

It's a early 2000's (purple and white)

That was fully serviced and running perfect before it was parked...

10 years ago :(

The bad.

It turns over but will not fire.

Gas went bad in the tank so carb is likely all snotted up. Tires are all dry rotten and won't hold air. And all the hoses and rubber parts are shot.

Seat is shot.

Plastics are all there and in new but dusty condition.

Rear wheel bearings sound like gravel

Forks leak.

Some rust on frame but only on surface.

The good.

Title and keys in hand.

It's 45 min from my house.

Despite being under a tarp in a shed for 10 years everything is there and it's all original.

Wiring looks good (no mice got to it)

Owner is asking $600.

I've worked on bikes before, I've rebuilt cars and engine's so I'm not afraid of its condition.

My question is.

Is $600 too much?

I know it sounds silly to ask.

I'm likely going to grab it just for a cool project. But as with most CL ads it's cash talks.

Should I shoot lower like 4 or 5 or just grab it at $600 and run.. 🙂

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+3, Do it.


Although the best I can tell is that '98 was the last year for a DR to have any purple ~ but I could be wrong (I'm still due for one this year...).  Even so, for a DR any year starting at '96 will get you pretty close to what a 2015 is, "a few" small bits changed here and there but the basic bike hasn't changed since '96.


1998 DR650


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Check the year carefully if it's not a 2000 +. Back in '98 or so Suzuki removed a torque type gear and replaced with a solid gear in the starter system somewhere. These are known to give problems (see elsewhere on this and other DR650 forums). Not long after, Suzuki realized the new design had a flaw and switched later models back to the prior arrangement. Sorry I don't have more detail on short notice, but this is just a heads up.

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Took a look at it.

It's a 97.

Motor turns over but it's stuck in neutral? Was planning full motor tear down anyway but is that bad? Tank it toast.. gas and rust look like bacon grease. So new tank required. ..

But now that I know it's a 97.

Any year specific warnings?

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