Does anyone know if Yamaha will be making a YZ450FX just like their new 250FX. I would love to see a yz450 with electric start and a six speed!!!

I've been wondering the same thing. If they did, I'd get in line. 

Over at the YZ250FX thread the word "speculation" is being used in all tone and intent.

Is there any talk about the idea of putting WR gears in the new YZ450F?


The only thing I've heard of is guys putting WR400 gears in a YZ250.



I did the WR 4th & 5th in my '06, and it works out great for desert racing.  The '14-'15 gearbox was redsigned to improve the operation of the shift forks, but the shafts and gears remain the same, so the swap should work along the same lines as with the '10-'13 models:



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