Intake air pressure sensor reading. (2012+ WR450F, FI Tool)

I'm troubleshooting some stuff on my bike.


The FI tool reading on my intake air pressure sensor is 88 kPA.   I've disconnected it from the manifold so its sensing straight atmospheric pressure. The local weather station says the pressure is 102.3 kPA.


Is my sensor working properly ?


The reading changes if I change the pressure on it.





Could someone with an FI tool hook it up to their bike, put it in diagnostic mode and check what d3 reads ?  d3 is the output of the air pressure sensor in kPa.



I purchased a new, replacement air pressure sensor and installed it on my bike.  It too read 87 kPA, when local air pressure was around 100 kPA.


I put my FI tool on another FI WR450F.  It too read 87 kPA when local air pressure was around 100 kPA.


I'm wondering if this should be reported to Yamaha.

I believe it is calibration corrected in the software

Maybe a second job would help you through times like these?  :)

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