Turkey Texas Enduro- Anyone raced it?

I'm thinking about driving down to the Turkey Texas Enduro on 3/17. I've never raced an enduro before and the Colorado races don't start for a while. Has anyone raced this area yet? If so, what is the terrain like and are there any interesting tips for a rookie? I'm debating taking my YZ or my XR400.

Roostn in Denver

Not only is the Enduro awesome (I don't even pay attention to the timekeeping part) but on Saturday (the day before) they have a Grand Prix (parts of which run thru neighborhood streets!) that is a complete riot!

That grand prix is the funnest thing I have ever done. I'm very slow, I think I was lapped 3 times before my bike blew up last year. Every time those pro's would go around me I'd laugh so hard I could hardly see. Those people in Texas are the nicest folks in the world. I'd here them coming behind the barn and get over, the would pass me yelling thanks, and waving with one hand while flying off the 6 ft drop off at the end. It was awsome. :):D:D

Here are some pictures of last year.


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Turkey is definitely one of the best races in the Texas circuit. It *usually* rains a little before the event and when it does, the conditions are awesome. Nice tacky red clay with mondo traction. The Grand Prix is run through town and through the townspeoples yards in some cases. The last special test of the day on Sunday is the same 2 miles as the GP course.

If you can't tell, I love this race. I've ridden it something like 5 or 6 times and I'll be there again in March!

Now for the race tidbits:

Pre-enter! There'll be close to 500 riders show up for this one. It's a co-sanctioned race with the TSCEC and RMEC. Many Colorado riders will make the trek 'cause it's one of the first races of the year (that's not the evil Phoenix race).

Take the YZ. The 20% power boost is unreal. I usually go one step richer on all circuits and the bike pulls like a top fueler. I normally spend the first 8-10 miles snapping limbs off trees with my body. Once you get "acclimated" the grin is hard to get off your face.

Go early enough to watch the GP. Or enter the GP, mucho fun.


Where i can get more info about it, cause i want to go... :)

Thank you very much for the sites, and by the way i was reading some thing about an Enduro Basics, and said that i need a computer in a race, do i need it? what if i can not afford it?

I been riding here in my town, and i do not know about technical knowledge.

As you can read i'm really new at these blue heaven. Any help will be appreciated. :)

My plan is to ride the race and have a good time. I have a Panoram and will buy a roll chart but not really to work very hard at it. I jus want to race and enduro.

Is the GP mostly a MX course or just plain a fun race around the town area? If it's got 10 story tripples and miles of whoops big as cadillacs I'm out. But the GP format sounds fun.

Roostn in Golden

Roostn, i'm with you...!!!

Let me tell you I DO NOT MX. I rode the grand prix and loved it. It is a flat grass track, with a few hundred feet of singletrack in it. It is very wide for the most part and a total blast. There was only 1 or 2 small jumps, and a really neat drop off at the end of the concrete behind the barn. The race does not go through town any more, just around the old barn area. Here is a pic of my fat butt on the track last year. If I can do it anyone can.


I am SOOO looking forward to this! As it gets closer we need to make a plan on how to hook up down there Victor. Is anyone else going?

YZ400Court, that track looks like a total blast! thanks for posting that Pic! Its setting the stage for a good weekend!

Hey, I just thought, how do you know your number or do you just sign up with what you normally run?

I actually have black plates with white numbers on mine from last years Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

Roostn in Golden

For the GP you don't have a number. For the enduro it is your row number. They will have numbers there for free. They are just little sticky back paper jobs. Just use white duct tape to put a line or x through what you have noe, and take some clear plastic box tape along to put over the paper numbers they give you. That will keep the rain or any water from ruining them. Also if you look close at my front fender you will see tha scorecard taped on there. Take some duct tape for that too. Don't buy one of those scorecard holders for your bike, they are a pain in the ass for the checkpoint crews to open and close. Also if you have spare goggles and a way to carry them dry, I'd consider it. It may not rain, but it sure did last year. If you cant carry them, maybe leave them in a plain bag with your gas. Take something to eat (cheeseburger in my case) and drink, powerbars, granola bars, fruit ect with you or send with the gas. You'll have time to eat it during the gas stop and resets. One last thing, bring a small cheap gas can you do not mind loseing. Sometimes they get misplaced/lost at the remote gas stop.

Remember one thing if this is your first enduro. It is not a MX race. If you bang bars, block pass, or are anything other than courtious to your fellow riders, you'll probablly get smacked. The only time to bang bars or be pushy is at the end of the GP (you'll see :) ) . Texas enduro riders are the nicest bunch of racers I have ever met (really, I'm not kidding). :D

The rows start 1 min apart, If someone on the rows behind catches you, let them by (they have made up at least a min on you). They will let you know they are there.

Boy my spelling sucks :D

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Originally posted by Victor Delgadillo:

Thank you very much for the sites, and by the way i was reading some thing about an Enduro Basics, and said that i need a computer in a race, do i need it? what if i can not afford it?


As you can read i'm really new at these blue heaven. Any help will be appreciated. :)

No, you do not need a computer. IMO, you need to learn how to timekeep using only a roll chart and watch. A rollchart holder will run you about $20, a rollchart $3 and a cheap watch $10. That's all you really need. If it's your first race, you don't even need that. Ride the race to figure out what's going on and to just get a feel for what's going on.


Everything YZ400Court said is correct. I would abstain however, from eating a big sandwich at the gas stop. Gotta have blood in your stomach to run the digest factory. You're better off eating multiple, smaller snacks at the gas stops, resets, etc. I've written a couple of articles for beginners on:


I'll be there.....


Roostn, i talk to my friend Humberto, he also post here, and tell him about the enduro, and he's IN, also talk to other guys from here and they want to go too, probablly we are 4 or 5.

So we'll be in touch for meet us there.

Brruumm..!!! see ya there.!!! :)

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