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Batteries, Got one?

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I was wondering if expensive batteries are worth the extra money. 


For a "worth it" example, I mean do they last longer, or have more reserve amps, lighter, or?


Is there any to stay away from? like regular acid, gel, lithium? 


I'm in Mn so it would be removed and stored inside for the winter. Is there a battery better suited for that?



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The lithium batteries are considerably lighter then the sealed gel/acid type batteries that come on bikes stock.  I am still working on killing my stock battery which has been going strong since 2008 but when it does finally die I will be replacing it with a lithium ion unit.  The way I look at it is the battery is very high up in relation to the center of gravity.  Any weight you can shave off the bike that is above the center of gravity should make a more profound difference than weight shaved off beneath the center of gravity.  For example I would expect switching to a lithium ion to make a noticeable difference  whereas I would not expect any difference switching from say an aluminum skid plate to a plastic of cf one (ignoring the frame flex argument).


My buddy current has had one of the lithium ion batteries in his CRF for over a year now and has not had issues.  The only thing that kind of stinks is you cannot use the standard battery tender you would use on your gel/acid batteries.  There is a specific charger that needs to be used with the lithium ion batteries.  Most of the time though when he plugs it in it says it's already full so it's getting charged as the bike runs too.

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