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Banshee engine in dirt bike frame

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Well it appears its already happened.......

I don't think it would be an Awsome dirt bike..

But could you imagine riding a full sorted sm with an rz350 motor around town?!?

Or in the canyons.....

It would be amazing.

Weigh nothing compared to the power it puts out.....

It would be similar to a cr500sm.

But more twinny!

And probably make me smile more than my aprillia sxv

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I have always thought that the two smoke twins sound cool.  More fun than a dumb stripper on Wednesday and just about as pointless as a blond on jeopardy.


have you ridden one?


i worked on a few banshees for some guys my dad works with.

test riding it up the street i just loved the feel (which is multiplied by the sound) of that thing coming on

the banshee is just a old school motor with no powervalve

id like to see what a power valved RZ motor feels like


but they are defiantly not pointless as a blond on jeopardy when used on the asphalt or in snow.

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No I havn't ever ridden one any quad that could stay with the old mans cr500 in a dirt drag has my respect.  


There was a guy on a Banshee out at a sand climb who was having a good time for himself by waiting until someone started up the dune and then blowing by them.  I waited until he took off up after another victim and went up behind him on my old CR500.  He was surprised already by the fact that I pulled up even with him, but when I looked over at him and shifted to 4th, he was completely stunned.  😏   He rode off soon afterwards. 


Don't know about your dad's, but that one wouldn't keep up with mine.

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