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Will 2008 KTM SXF wheels fit my 2003 KTM 250SX?

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The SX bikes got the larger front axle in 2002. All the front wheels from 2002 to 2015 will interchange.

The SX bikes got the large rear axle in 2013 so all the rear wheels will interchange but the 2013 - 15 rear wheels will need the old spacers to be used on the older small rear axles.

All the SX bikes have a 19" rear wheel.

Basically all the wheels from 2002 on will fit all the bikes made since 2002. The 2013 and newer bikes need different rear spacers but will work.

I have no idea about the cross country bikes because I don't buy them and I don't pay much attention to when they got the updates. Generally they get updated a year or two after the SX bikes.

Good Luck.

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