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'93 XR 250 Fuel Tank

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I need to replace my '93 xr250 plastic fuel tank.  Genuine tanks are too expensive and aftermarket tanks don't exist in Australia for this model.  I can source a '98 xr250 tank, but I don't know if it will fit a '93 xr250?  Does anyone know if they are interchangeable?  Thanks


    1. The '98 tank will definitely not fit on your  bike - different frame plus much flatter profile on the '98...

     2. You can find tanks on e-bay - particularly in the U.S. - but you will have to pay for shipping.

    3. Clarke makes an oversized tank for your bike but again you would have to pay to ship to australia -    http://clarkemfg.com/xr250r-8695-42-gal-p-81.html

    4. If your tank is leaking - then it can be repaired using a plastic welder setup.    If you take it to a place that specializes in automobile plastic bumper repair - they can probably repair it for you.




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