Pirelli MT480 or Dunlop D756 up front ?

I just fitted a MT480 at the back, apparently it hooks up well(going for first ride on it this weekend) but I want to know how the MT480 front compares to the D739 that I’m still running up front?

Where I ride it’s mostly hardpack mixed with some intermediate stuff.

OOPS :) sorry Topic should read ...Dunlop D739 not D756 :D

A worn out anything is better than a 739!!! The Pirelli has got to be better than a 739.


739 fronts are the worst for everything unless you like to wash out in turns. 756 fronts are one of the best for soft - intermediate.

I just replaced my 739 with a 756 after the recommendation from Don Lackey and I can't tell you how much better it corners!!! Try the 756 or 752 on the front, both make a huge difference over the 739.

Thump on!


i have ridden a bike (cdale X440s) with mt480's on both ends and i didn't like it at all. granted, not as bad as a D739, but still not good.

the odd thing is the mt480 claims to be a hard/intr tire, but EMARacing and i found it to work best on the really soft ground and not the hard stuff. if you want a REALLY good pirelli front tire, try the MT44. i have found it to be better than any dunlop tire and the best pirelli tire for the front.

I agree. The MT 44 up front is as good as the 756 in the soft stuff. My main concern was that it would wear quickly. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case, it may even last longer than the 756. I know I ran the roughest race course, as far as terrain/rocks go, on our circuit on it and you wouldn’t know it to look at it. No chunks and so far no rounded off knobs.

I probably have 15 hours on the tire and it looks pretty good and still hooks up well.

I prefer the 755 front over the 756 front.

Thanx guys, I cancelled my order for the MT480 front. I had a look at the D756, 755 and MT44, they all look like excellent tires, it seems the majority of the guys are using the D756 with much success!

Think the D756 will be a good choice biggthumpup.gif

I love my new D756 on the front, but it looks like mostly a soft to intermediate tire to me (the rubber feels very soft and flexable). You mentioned that you ride mostly hard pack. I haven't tried it on hard pack yet, but on soft stuff it's great. :)

I just have to ask the queston to all of you. Do you think the 739 front is a bad hard to int tire?

I have ran the 756's on my KX250 and I agree they are a great soft to int tire. But, when the track dried they where a little slick. Now, in slick stuff my current 739 sucks. But, for hard and int stuff it seems to work fine. Giving a edge to hard.

The 739 seems to be ad good as a m77 and better than the old k490.

I ask because I am getting ready to change the front tire and was considering putting a 739 front back on.

Forloop, don't waste your money on the 739 for the front. I think it is awful for any terrain. The rear 739 is alright for int to hard, but the front is one of the worst tires I have ever riden with. Try the 755 front instead....my 2 cents

Pirelli MT 44 front is superior to anything else I have used. (And I have tried them all) Followed with a Michelin S-12 rear. The only problem with this combination is that it gets very difficult to slide the bike.


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