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My son has a 2010 KLX 110L stock everything.  He has a nice pit bike track around the house with some nice jumps.  He keeps telling me the suspension keeps bottoming out in the front mainly.  I don't want to spend a lot of money maybe around $300.  I have seen some threads on installing KX65 forks on a KLX110 but they don't make a lot of sense, my son's bike is a KLX110L.  


He is also wanting better brakes for the front.


Do I buy stiffer front fork springs for the front?

Do I retrofitt KX65 front forks onto my bike?

Or buy aftermarket forks and shock.  I see their are a lot of shocks and forks on ebay.  


I can do most maintenance items but I can not fabricate any new parts..


He is 14 years old and weighs about 125


this is a video of him riding his pit bike at our house.  He loves ridding the this bike.  He races a CRF150RB in motocross but their is not much room for riding that big bike. 




<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/HzBDItFA2R0?list=UUS-sk6Bpjsmq1TBM_ir-q5w" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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I put a Fox Float shock on the rear of my sons KLX, amazing difference between that and the stock shock. Looking at doing KX 65 forks next year, maybe....

For us the forks haven't been too bad, you could try more/heavier oil, heavier springs, etc first and see if you can get what you're looking for that way.

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KX65 forks are going to be a "project". They would be sweet, but they will rake out the front end and you'll have to do something in the rear to offset the travel increased in the front. Just getting the triple clamps to match up will be a chore (unless you are,or know a machinist) I'd say go with KX60 forks, (still use the same front brake/wheel/triple clamps & plastics) The braking won't be any better, but with stiffer springs, they will be way better than stockers. As for the rear, a new rear shock would work wonders for your son, as mentioned previously the Fox shocks are a great choice.

                                                                          Just my $.02, Robbrt

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