426 sale price

I'm finally considering selling my beloved 01 426. After 10 years of it being my primary bike, I have finally upgraded. I just wanted a consensus from a sellers standpoint; has anybody sold a 426 recently? If so would you mind sharing your results? I've seen them listed from 1500-2500. Mine has a bunch of goodies and runs great....and the blah blah blah. Im just trying to see if its worth selling or keeping it around as a back up. PM if you'd like

I sold my 2002 yz426 early this summer. Mechanically great condition no issues, all stock, I had just put on new plastic and graphics, shimmed valves, had newish tires. It had 40-50hrs at time of sale, p/o bought it new in 2010 and it still hadthe stock tires when I got it, had a title. Anyways, I was ready for an update so I sold it for $1800. Probably could have done better if I waited a bit longer(it sold the day after I listed it). I'm in southern Ohio by the way.

Of course it depends on geography and bike condition and timing. www.craigslook.com can be a good gauge of regional asking prices.

I picked up my 01 426 this last August for $1800. Solid bike lot's of goodies and extras. I'd probably pay $2300 for one that's well taken care of.

Looks like 1800-2200 is the bracket for a decent bike. Thanks guys

Got a 2002 426 this year for 1800. The guy was asking 2250. It had been sitting for a couple years and was all stock. Used but in decent shape. Came with a lot of extras like jerseys pants goggles all new with tags and a new front tire. This is in Ontario, Canada.

Man you guys pay a lot for bikes out there. In Arizona or California you would get no where near $2000 for a 426. I bought my 06' 450 for $2300 5 YEARS AGO! It was only 3 years old at the time. Still riding it and she's doing great.


Is it worth it to have a bike shipped from the West? Guys out here buy a new bike every time the graphics change and dump the previous bike for next to nothing. 

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