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2010 stock carb fit my 2000 model? Great deal on local one.

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Hey guys, 


Local guy selling his stock carb from his 2010SM for $80. Said he took it off his bike when brand new, maybe 20 miles on it, to install his FCR-39. From the pictures, it looks it too. 


I've seen that oem carbs are different for 2005-2010, later years, etc. Actually conflicting info. Looks pretty much like my carb in the pictures.  Think it would work for my 2000 drz400S?  Mine needs a rebuild, and that costs $45 right there, then I can rebuild mine later when I'm ready for re-jet and 3X3 plus exhaust mods. 


Nice deal to get a basically brand new carb (provided he drained it properly) for $80 if it will slide right into place and run my bike. 


Thanks guys!



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It'll fit, the carbs haven't changed throughout the years.

I like to hear that!  Not sure why new carbs are sold for years like 2006-2010, 2000-2005...and even rebuild kits for certain years.  You would think if they were for Mikuni brs36 the rebuild kits would simply say 2000-2014 for the drz400. Makes things confusing. Glad to hear this carb should work. 


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Stock mikuni BSR'S go for around $50 OBO on CL all the time,   i sold me stock mikuni in perfect working condition,  with extended fuel screw and allready jetted with a jet kit for $100 bucks,   so yeah,  for your situation its perfect,  i would spend $80 on a good used carb rather then rebuild a really old one. 

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