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Husky CR250 2002 restoration

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Hi guys. Im here because my bike (cr250 2002 which I completely felt in love with) had a problem, the clutch cover got damaged and it broke a screw, the engine parts will be replaced but since the engine is going out of the bike I decided to make a complete restoration and make my bike unique and give it a new look, so, im going to de-rust and re-paint the frame, footpegs, and wheel hubs. I will also make a graphic kit to replace the old one which is really worn out.


here is my bike as it is right now




and this is what i have designed so far

bocetos grafico moto real 3 rgb.jpg


of course its obvious that the current husky graphic design was my inspiration. I love the new husky look and the colours.


but I want to paint the frame in that fluorescent yellow/green/whatever they used for the 701 concept




so what do you guys think? I would like to hear others opinions

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