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Need help with older BD DSK

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Hey guys and gals.  I bought a 2000 Husky TE610 about 6 months ago.  It's a really great bike, tons of power everywhere!!  It will eventually be put on the road, I've been enjoying riding it offroad and getting used to the power and how it handles...that and the lights don't work.  It has an older Baja Designs dual sport kit on it.  I've looked on their website at the diagrams(which are only for newer kits) and I've talked to several people in their Tech Support section and it appears nobody can help me.  I'm hoping someone out there has the same kit and/or at least has schematics that they can post up for me because I'm tired of scratching my head. OK so my main issue is the gray kill button on the handlebar switch, it has black/white and green/yellow wires coming from it that go to a ground and the ignition coil.  If they're hooked up one way I can stop the engine with the button like you should be able to, but then the lights don't work with the selector switch.  If I reverse those same wires the lights come on when the gray kill button is pressed and I can use the selector switch to change between Hi/Lo beam. Can anybody out there help me figure this out?  I'm sure I'm just dumb and overlooking something.  Any help would be awesome because I don't want to spend around 5 Benjamins for new lights.  

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