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2006 300 XC-W drain plug location

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My manual shows the drain plug next to my counter shaft but the screw pictured isn't on my bike. Is the screw on the right side of the bike behind the brake pedal? Whats up with he manual...

Yes, The picture is wrong. And Yes, it is behind the brake pedal.

You can get to it easier if you have a Wobbler extension (harbor freight 2 bucks).

I cut up am old oil bottle and slide it under the drain site, oil spills onto the flat, then runs out the original spout to my drain pan to try and keep the oil from running down the frame and skid plate and making a huge mess. If you do it right, it only makes a little mess.

I lay the bike over on it's left side to pull the plug and position the "tray funnel" I made, then stand it up to start the oil flowing.

It is a bit easier if you detach the actiivating pivot from the brake pedal, but not nessisary.

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