anybody in fla?

I live in NYC, I'm heading out to kissimmee fla area on march 8th with friends to ride

(the weather here sucks this time of year) any tracks you fla guys can recomend?

hey krazyq,

theres a couple good spots no too far from Kissimee. Theres an offroad park near Tampa called Croom, Orange County MX east of Orlando-(407-568-2271), Pax Tac, which is located a little north of Daytona(386-437-7191), which is a very fun, jump filled track. Thundercross MX in Okeechobee, (863-357-2277), I would highly recommend all the tracks, I havent been to Croom yet, so can't give you a report on that one. That should give you a few spots anyway. Later.

I second the vote for thundercross (, very fun track! I haven't tried any tracks north of there so I'm not much more help.

BK, is Orange County MX the track owned by the same people who have the figure-8 school bus races? There is an MX track there (where they race the busses) but I don't remember the name of it and haven't actually ridden there.

The track is located in Bithlo, which is made fun of on a daily basis by the radio stations, I wont elaborate, but your first instinct will be correct. There are some different people around that area. Yeah, its the same place. Off of highway 50 east of Orlanda. The track has been under new ownership for awhile now. The front section is really fun, best dirt around. The back however is really deep SAND, and it can get nasty rough on race days. They have a concrete gate, gravel washdown area, good food, and music blasting on practice nights, its a blast. Kinda far for you though.

Thanks for the info. Anyone gonna be at any of these tracks that week ?

The GNCC is at Okeechobee on March 5th (yes, Tuesday afternoon) and Crooms riding park is a blast if u like some good trails and lots of big deep sand woops....miles of them. I think u can ride in the Ocala Nat Forest but I'm not sure where. See ya at bike week.

Wish I could ride this weekend. My bike is out of comission until I get a new sprocket. My rear sprocket lost 10 teeth last weekend (woopsie!).

BK, that track in Bithlo is about 2.5 hours from my house. Not a regular weekend drive but I would definitely like to check it out one day.

Also that GNCC race in Okeechobee, is that going to be on the Kirton ranch land next to Thundercross? If not, is it on a public riding area? I'm always looking for new places to ride! :)

Come on BK, whats the deal with Bithlo??????????

There are a lot of salvage yards and people who live in low rent houses and mobile homes in Bithlo. So, Bithlo is considered by many in the Orlando area (rightly or wrongly) as basically "trailer trash central". That's not necessarily my opinion, but that's the local joke. Making a Bithlo joke is kind of like make a Polish joke. Although I do believe that the teeth per capita is lower than the national average in Bithlo. :)

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Rich in O-town,

Very well put, politically correct and everything. Im over in melbourne, and possibly going to do a few of the night races at Bithlo, Saturday will be the first race. as of right now, I plan on being there.

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