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Tank and carb vent hoses!

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OK, I have a lot of bikes and one of the things that gets me is tank vent hoses. I've used Fly hoses, stock hoses etc. Freeflohose are The best Tank vent hoses that I have come across. The Fly hoses tend to swell and fall off. These hoses don't do that. They last for years and the colors are VERY bright (if that matters to you). Tuesday night I ordered 3 vent hoses. Wednesday morning I got an E-mail thanking me for my order and letting me know that they where shipping same day (Wednesday). The hoses showed up today (Friday). I also ordered carb vent hoses...in a bright green color...WOW..these are BRIGHT. If they last as long as the tank vent hoses...I'll be happy. The carb vent kit consists of 3 silicone hoses about 18" in length.


I used to buy them on-line, only when I was adding to an order, to avoid paying for shipping on a $3.00 part. Well, I hit there website...http://www.cycleexpress.com/ They sell the hoses for $2.95 each (same as Fly at your local dealer) and the 2T carb vent kit for 7.95. They don't charge shipping, so that is nice when I need a hose or two. 


Just a warning though......the KX green is more like florescent green. BRIGHT..but it's cool all the same. The red and black that I ordered are much more mild colors. (well black is black, not faded black, just black).

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