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Fork swap and breather question

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I've spent a bunch of time searching both this forum, planet klx, and kdx.net to figure out what I want to do for the front end of my new KLX300. My Lower triple has a sheared off steering stop, so was planning on replacing that as part of the upgrade. I realize I could drill it and repair with a bolt, for the price I see them for sale on eBay, figure I'll just replace. Same with the front wheel - small crack on the rim so figure I will replace that while I'm at it to be safe.

So figuring I need a new lower triple and front wheel, what are my options for front end swap? The most common is KX250(1994-1995) so that you can use existing triple clamps and front wheel. Without these constraints, can I use later years kx500 or similar as long as stem and top bearings compatible? Is there any other compelling reason to stay with 94-95 kx250 (length, spring rate, damping, etc)? I'm fairly light at 150lbs and mostly riding trails/woods. Seen a lot of later 90 forks which I assume will use different axles/wheels, but any other reasons they won't work as long as top triple/stem is compatible?

On a totally unrelated note, looking at the breather mod on the bike, can't see why it's any better than just using the same diameter hose to the air box nipple minus the restrictor. Seems like it would be a cleaner install and provide just as much "breath ability"?



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A good machinist could adapt any of the forks. Using 43mm forks makes it easier for the home mechanic to adapt the KX forks. The upper steering stem bearing is the variable. Check the part number and/or description for the upper steering bearing to see if it is a match for the KLX bearing.

Ride on


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