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2002 ttr 125 bent valves

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Hi I bought a ttr 125 for dirt cheap and would like to fix the problems it has. Basically I bought it knowing it would not start and I took the head off and noticed both valves are bent outwards. So my question is will the valve guides be ok to re use if I get new valves. Also the bike has a high compression piston made from weisco and there is no damage to piston so I was going to reuse it. My guess is they got the timing wrong or something else because the cam sprocket and came snout are chewed up and need replacement. Also how fast will the bike be with a high compression piston and a hot cam if I buy one.




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hey Jordy

too bad no one has posted up, maybe its the holiday weekend,,


I have a ttr 125 and it just (this weekend) took a dump

engine just spins with no compression

Im guessing the timing chain is stretched and jumped some teeth and I may also have some bent valves.

I will be tearing it apart in a few weeks or maybe sooner

to help you with your question,,,

you can get your replacement valves and slide them in and check for wobble

also look for damage to the guides

if all is tight and looks clean then go forward

I would advise you to change out the chain and guide and tensioner along with other damaged parts

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60 bucks

thats a fare deal


I just opened mine up,,,,

bent intake valve

it had stuck open and the exhaust valve nicked it and theres a mark on the piston

bore is fine but I will put in new valves and hone it and ring it


the previouse owner (a kid) had dumped gasket sealer in the tank

I had cleaned it out and the carb but I didnt know it was all through the intake track

it finally got to the valve guide and stuck it


I will give her a thorogh cleaning befor assembly

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