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Need XL185S or XR185 cylinder & piston service limits

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After measuring the cylinder and piston I'm very confused. Cylinder measured 2.493 and piston measured 2.490. On top of the piston there is a 25 stamped. Not sure if that refers to its a .025 larger? Here are the measurements

Piston 2.490"

Cyl 2.493"

Standard SL are

Cylinder 2.484". So it has to be oversized but it's .003" off from being the .25mm oversized If it was bored out .25mm (.0156") then it should measure 2.4996" Or bigger due to wear


I remeasured using a caliper instead of micrometer and it was

Piston 2.493 which puts my cylinder at 2.496 which is still within spec on both

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