09 jetting question

Before my last ride I put in a 42 pilot jet (from the stock 45) because it was recommended on here. I turned the fuel screw out a little and when riding, there would sometimes be a slight hesitation in 1/8-1/2 throttle openings. My bike also bogged a couple times when opening the throttle fast, which it has never done. I know it probably isn't the leak jet, because I have a R&D power pump/spring kit with the right adjustment (about #60 leak jet). I know I might need to turn the fuel screw out more, because it's only about 1.5 turns out.


With the smaller pilot jet, the bike's starting/choke/idle seem better than before. But I'm assuming I need to raise the needle to get rid of the hesitation/bog, that's what I did when I went down from a 48 pilot and it helped. My question is how much should I raise the needle...1 or 2 clips?

My current jetting is 42 pilot, 165 main, NFPP needle 4th clip (for SoCal deserts).

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