Advice wanted on my new 450

Just found this site and I'm sure I'll spend far too much time on it! I just purchased a 2004 WRF450. I've read about the "freebie" modes (grey wire, air box, throttle stop, etc.). I'm curious as to those of you that have had your bikes for a while as to what else it needs. I'm a past motocross rider (as in early 80's -- and no, I wasn't very good) and want to get back into woods riding. In the past I typically rode 250 motocross bikes in the woods, had a short stint on 4 wheelers and finished my last ride @ 5 years ago on a CR 500. My decision came down to the Yamaha or KTM. I chose the Yamaha because of my dealer and cost. I'm 6' 220# and really would appreciate your feed back. Thanks, Chuck.

Armor. Check out the CFC clutch cover, cheap insurance. Rad guards would be nice, and cheaper than a new radiator.

Bars and handguards. Your stock bars may not last long, and the bikes ergos can be vastly improved with aftermarket bars. Handguards are a must in my opinion, definitely check out the ones made by TUSK before you buy.

Search for "footpeg mod", it's free, easy, and a must for 6' or taller riders.

Tires... Are they still using the 739? If so, IT SUCKS! Go ahead and use the rear up (won't take long), but the S-12 up front makes it a much better ride.

Also, at 220#, you (like me) could probably benefit greatly from some professional help with your suspension (starting with heavier springs).

Let's see, how much more of your money can I spend...

Just kidding though, I think those are all worth while mods.


As a minimum besides all the free mods get the following:

Rad Guards, Skid Plate, frame guards, bark busters, 5.6 kg rear shock spring, seal savers, adjustable fuel screw, JD jetting kit. :)

if you want spend the money; aftermarket exhaust system. I waited a year to it on mine and wished I had done it a year ago, great performance improvement. most definetly get rid of the stock Dunlops, they work well in hardpack but that is all.

Bill, did you see significnant improvements with the FMF over stock w/plug, or even over stock running un-corked? Seems like most things I've read suggested that if you can stand the noise, the stock 450 pipe is a good performer once uncorked. I know it's a heavy can, but the WR header pipe is Ti, right?

I started out with the free mods and they helped out! looking at your weight you really need to consider your suspension. Eight of my riding friends have taken there bikes to George at ESP in So Calif. After they got there bikes back I couldn't shut them up about how well there bikes takes the abuse. The jetting is important as well. It gives the bike better throttle repsonse :)

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your thoughts. :)

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