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09 KX250F starting problems

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My son has a 09 KX250F, he had the valves shimmed at our local shop back ealry spring because he was having a hard time starting. Well that seem to fix the problem, rode it this summer no problem. Went riding one time and it started acting up, backfiring some, won't idle to good and got hard to start. He figured he might have got some bad gas and put some sea foam in it and it seem to run pretty good next ride. Now it is won't start kicking hardly, really hard if it starts at all. Seems to run fine when started. Talked to the shop and was told that he needs to to refresh the motor and probably replace valves since they was just shimmed. I have worked on 2 strokes when i used to have them but not the 4 strokes. I was wondering if this could be the problem and if so how hard and expensive is it to do this job. Any info would help thanks.

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