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Athena GET GP1-Power Engine ECU - installation on a RMZ 250 2013

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I just  received a new GET GP1-Power ECU for our RMZ 250 2013. It has not the same casing like the OEM ecu.

The Vortex ecu does look pretty much the same like the OEM ecu. For some reason the GET ecu does not fit perfectly.

The provided GET mounting bracket is different than the stock one. When I put the GET ecu on the new bracket the

connection plug is the other way around compared to the OEM ecu. In this way you can't connect the plug (wiring)

with the GET ecu.


I don't know if there is something wrong with the ecu, the bracket or whatsoever. Maybe I'm doing something wrong 🙂


Maybe someone can post some pictures of his GET GP1-Power or EVO ecu for the RM-Z 250 2013. Would be very helpful.




Picture #1 - this side should go to the bottom (because the bracket says so // and I assume the hole on the top must go down, because of water inlet)




Picture #2 - this side should be the upside then




Picture #3 - this is the plug on the ecu



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Don't use the bracket then. Hook it up and wrap that rubber fastner around it and move on


If you mount it without the bracket (OEM or GET) you can't use the rubber fastener.

Maybe I hook it up and use one or tow zip ties. But this is a less-than-ideal solution and

if you pay over 400 bucks for an aftermarket ECU, it should fit the right way.

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