Shortening subfame

I was having a conversation with a supercross rider we support and he was talking about lowering his subframe. I thought shaving the seat or lowering the subrame was just for short people.

I'm told that it affects the handling characteristics. Can anyone elaborate?

The year, model doesn't really matter as this is a general question but the bike is a '15 YZ250F

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It can only affect the way that the bike and rider interface while the rider is seated. Obviously has no effect at all while standing.  YZF's are very fussy about liking the rider to sit well forward, and anything you do to lower the seating position by either shaving the seat or lowering the sub will encourage the rider to move farther to the rear.   But, if you sit too high on the bike, then the weight of your lower body swings through a larger arc, and has more inertia, making quick changes of direction more difficult.  Sit too low, and you simply lose leverage over the mass.

Appreciate the explanation makes sense. Dudes obv a better rider than I'll ever be, I just didn't get the purpose.

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