2003 wr "starter" upgrade

I bought a 2003 wr450f (2/2003) my first ride the woodruff key failed I explained to my dealer that we raced the GNCC series and that I would like Yamaha to replace the crank and flywheel and if there any problems I would be happy to present my case to Yamaha. My dealer called first and was told that Yamaha would indeed replace both and expedited the parts, the shop repaired it quickly and I proceeded to race the near full season without a problem. From this site I ordered the parts listed for the upgrade to 04 specs and have received everything but the torque limiter. However based on the service I received from my dealer and Yamaha I just took delivery of a 2004 wr450, unforunately too late to properly prepare it for the Texas GNCC but I did install all the new parts on the 03 that I had and removed the torque limiter from the 04 and put it in the 03 it took less than 20 minutes for the change. My dealer gave me the parts at cost just under $200. I have tore down the 03 and am impressed with its condition, I use silkolene oils, a stainless steel filter and change oil every race. I think the WR is the best open class bike out there and Yamaha with my dealer have my continued support.

How did you do in the race? What class are you in?

Open C I finished 10th after running 5th and breaking a chain on the last lap. However 1st and 2nd were secured by two brothers that came down with us.

Better luck next time but thats what you get for using the stock chain if that was what you were running. GNCC is tuff racing in any class. Most of the C-class riders I see are really A rider level in local district racing. I hope you get better results next race. Keep us posted of your results. We always cheer for big blue thumpers in racing events! :)

No way on the stock chain, it was a Regina Gold Oring chain and only it's 3rd race (6hrs) We normally run a set of sprockets and chain 5 races before we start to see wear or stretch and then they go on the practice bike and new ones on the race bike. Now my mechanic (dad) says it will be 2 races. He thinks a rock must of got caught between the sprocket and chain anyway it sucked. Oh yeah alot of sandbaggers but most motocrossers don't last to the end. Dad says there will always be cheaters and right now it's really only you and the track, as long as I did my best and my overall keeps improving the rest doesn't matter. He says to be an A or B rider winning in C class isn't much of a goal, I'm heading for A class. I can sleep with a clear conscience.

I love Regina chains but I continue to hear stories about them breaking, all on the net, none from my buddies. I usually get a season of enduros, harescrambles, and MX out of one chain and knock on wood, have never broke one.

Congrats on your finish :)

I use the same Regina-O ring top of the line chain with Ironman sprockets. I have never had one break. I wore out 2 chains last year and and on my third on the WR450 ( no racing) with no breaks. Congratulations on riding in the A class. :D Are you going to make it to the Ironman GNCC race at the end of the year in Indiana? That is an awesome race! :)


We've used the Regina since 99 and this is the first broken one. We'll be at the Ironman for sure. I'm not A class, not yet, I've got to get alot faster but A class is my goal.

I will be looking for your number! Good luck with the season. :)

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