XR650L Carburator: Original CV vs Mikuni 41mm Flat side


i would like to know what can i gain (or lose) when switching from the original CV carburetor to a Mikuni flatside 41mm carburetor? OR install a dynojet stage 1 kit to the cv carb.

my bike is a standard 1994 XR650L.


No other mods to the bike? The gains will be modest at best. The idea is to get more air/fuel mixture out, as well as in, as fast as possible for any real performance increases. You'll want to install an aftermarket air filter at the very least and you should consider a pipe mod also.

Realistically, you should get better driveability all the way around with the Mikuni, idle, low speed, mid-range and top end. You could expect a couple more ponys with the new carb and the same increase with an air filter/pipe mod.

an uni air filter, wiseco piston (which gives a slither higher compression ratio) and an XR600R pipe.

i can also easily remove the air shnorkel as well.

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