Wr426 issues lighting/charging

Recently Purchased a 2002 Wr426 street legal with baja designs kit installed. I am having problems with the lights. I have read many topics related but I am still looking for answers.

At idle the lights will dim and signals barely illuminate. Reving the engine will light everything up. I purchase an LED headlight that draws only 20w compared to the 55w halogen bulb. My intentions were to free up some wattage so everything would work at idle.

Now the led will flicker like a strobe light at idle. Not pleasant while sitting in traffic.

It this the way it will always be? Do I need to consider replacing the regulator/rectifier or the battery? I have no idea how old the kit is. Worse case it is from 2002 :/

Help is greatly appreciated and anticipated! Thanks!

I also have a 2002 with the baja design kit and have the same problem. Mine is from 2012.The small battery pack that's in the headlight does nothing for the headlight.I think are only option might be a higher output stator.A bandaid fix is just running your idle a little high it helps some.

Sorry I couldn't help you out better. hopefully someone will chime in.

I wander what the bike stator puts out at idle... Seems to be drastically less than what it does reved up. 25w? Geesh!

Would have not bought the LED if I knew it was not going to help

You can almost be sure that an old Baja Designs kit on one of these bikes has a failed battery and rectifier/regulator. The lights should operate on there on just off the battery for a short time if the battery is good. This is the advantage of a good battery is that it prevents the dimming at idle. The two parts in the link most likely would fix it. the battery in the link is much better that the Baja Designs one.



I figured they may be shot at this point... Too bad this LED bulb was as much as your battery. Maybe They will consider a return...



Ricky stator knows his stuff, I'd trust what he says

The 426 is a kick so I assume w/o an elec start you had to ADD a battery that was not there before

The more elegant solution came later with the 450 where they re-wound the stator for more output

I think they took the easy way out with yours by no rewind and adding battery to cover low RPM and when bike not running


Basically that battery has to be in tip-top condition for everything to work right

I'll give the battery a shot first... or keep that throttle side twisted!

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