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Eye Protection. Goggles? safety Glasses?

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I've been using dual lens goggles with pretty good results most of the time here in NW Washington.

Some of my riding buddies use safety glasses, clear or amber.

So I decided to give them a go.

I picked up some ''Fog Free' amber safety glasses and tried them out.

I like them!

vision had a lot less obstructions, I can always see the goggle frame, but not the glasses.

I liked the amber/yellow for the dark woods and rainy weather- thinks seemed to show up better.

I wore them a few hours and had no fogging issues at all. Average speed was under 2mph, very tight trails. (Some walking around also)

I'll see how long the anti-fog stuff really works, but they were under $10 so not a big deal.

Weather was quite wet, humid, in the woods. Lots of sweating.

So what do you use?


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Wait until it is dusty, you'll be grabbing your goggles straight away.  But yeah, I can definitely see the benefit of glasses over goggles related to fogging and overall more open feeling. But, do you really want to trust your vision to $10 safety glasses though?   Those things break and you could be cutting up your eyes, which could happen with goggles too, but safety glasses are a bit more rigid, possibly a higher risk of shattering. I found a review on shooters eye wear and the outcome of that was you want glasses or eye protection specifically designed for shooting(for shooting). Granted, we are unlikely to see small projectiles at high velocity (such as exploded actions or ammo coming at you) while riding, but if you had glasses to that spec you'd be pretty dang safe from anything that is going to hit you in the eye. 

The highest spec is a mil spec, and Smith Optics makes several styles, including clear lenses that meet the spec. Oakley's are also very impact resistant. Go to this page at Oakley and scroll down to Impact Protection, you will want some Oakleys after seeing that demonstration.





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In some ways I wonder if the safety glasses have better impact protection.

I don't recall anything on my goggles saying they passed the impact testing standards...

The glasses I got meet Z89.1. (Not to say goggles can't be better without being tested, but how are you to know? )

Here they are


Certainly won't work in dust, but I don't ride in dust much- and will still use goggles when I think they will be better. OR I continue use And find I don't like the glasses.


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