2010 450 wheel compatibility help?

Are 2010 yz450f rear wheels the same as earlier years (99-20??) wheels? Same rotor to sprocket spacings, same diameter axle, use the same disks?

Any differences?

Read thru the wheel interchange thread but couldnt find the answer.

No. The rear axle size was increased from 22mm to 25 in '09.

Thanks, but I take it thats the only change? Using on a 20mm axle bike so im making reducer/spacers anyways

You'll need a whole sleeve to go completely through the wheel...

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Ten dollars for spacers from TUSK.

Ten dollars for spacers from TUSK.

Do the spacers go inside the bearings?


I posted some pictures on a previous thread on here somewhere. 

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Are the hubs the same from '09 - '14? 


Is the rear axle diameter the only change, i.e., are sprockets and discs interchangeable from '98 - '14?

Same hub through those years. 


Sprockets have been interchangeable since at least '98.  The discs were changed somewhere around 2000, as I recall, and later in '07, but the first change was a quarter inch in diameter, or something as small as that, and the second was to go to the "wave" design.  All of the ones since the first change at least are interchangeable.

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