Need some help Identifying Parts

Hey guys!

New here from Charleston, SC.  I have been ridng a CR125R for a few years and just picked up a 2005 YZ450F.  I picked it up from a guy for a deal I just couldnt refuse. His son took apart the top end after roasting the jig and rings, then decided he couldnt get it back together.. So I picked it up for 150$..  Iv dove into it and got the frame off to powdercoat and got a wiseco overbore kit ready to be installed.  Before I put the engine together I need to get these parts/screws and spring Identified as these are what I was handed in a bag... When I got it the plastics were off, the tank, the carb was disconnected from engine,and the rear upper motor mounts.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



yz450f random screws.png

I need plastics for mine too my tanks cracked

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